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It was bloody cold outside, that much Arthur knew. They had been traveling the icy plains for what felt like days, even weeks, but in truth had only been a few hours. The mercenary had been on high alert the entire time, his mixed-matched armor standing out even more against the pale snow beneath them. In truth, they both stuck out like sore thumbs against the backdrop, but it was hard to believe that anything was even around to attack them at all.

Eventually the mage grew tired, leaning against his staff as he came to a stop.
"We can’t just stop here…there’s no shelter at all!"
Alfred warned, worry present in his blue eyes that reflected the moonlight above so perfectly.
"Alfred, look around. There hasn’t been any sign of shelter for miles."
Arthur rebutted, heaving a heavy sigh as he rubbed the side of his arm with is free hand.
"I just wish it wasn’t so blasted cold."
"I don’t feel a thing." his companion offered, much to his chagrin.
"Well if I was a bloody furnace 24/7, then I suppose I wouldn’t feel the cold either."
Alfred’s eyes cast down towards the chilling powder beneath the feet in defeat.
"I-If I could share my head with you, I would. But even then it’s only going to get worse as the night goes on."
Arthur seemed to mull over the half-Nord’s statement for a time before a smile creased his lips.
"Then share warmth with me in a different way."
Alfred looked taken aback, trying to make sense of what Arthur had said. Finally he caught on, his brow furrowed.
"No. I’m not going to change just so I can be your fuzzy blanket."

Arthur’s expression quickly turned from jest to serious, eyes shifting from Alfred back to a solitary snowflake that floated down, gently landing on his palm.
"You’d rather I freeze to death?"
Alfred had no immediate answer. He thought and thought, obviously going over the many possibilities in his head. Eventually he could find no excuse strong enough to go against the Dragonborn’s wishes and conceded.
Arthur’s smugness returned, turning to look the other way so that his companion could change in private.
"Just don’t make a habit of this."

Alfred’s lycanthopy had certainly come in handy in saving their lives numerous times. Tonight was no exception. As he lay against the soft, amber fur, he could hear the beast’s heart beating loud and strong. He was filled with an overwhelming sense of warm that radiated over his entire body. He felt a bit of remorse asking Alfred to change, but as he ran his fingers through Alfred’s ruff, the great wolf curled tight about him. He could afford to be spoiled this one time, couldn’t he?


So meet my current obsession: Fidelitas! Took up reading it today and was finished in a matter of hours. This is a wonderful, wonderful fanfic that’s a crossover between Skyrim and Hetalia (namely USUK). The masterful way it’s constructed, the suspense, the descriptive nature of the work is just a wonderful read. I was introduced to it from THIS tumblr (as they now have a tumblr): http://askskyrimusuk.tumblr.com/

You should check it out because it is awesome and the art is gorgeous and yes…

All character design and fic (c) Pie and Kel

Keep up the amazing work you two <3